A long time ago I used to play roleplay games. Some of them around a table with dice and high caffeinated drinks, and some on online forums. On the forum rp games, we didn’t have much in the way of apps to make the experience easy like we do these days, it was mostly special text notations so folks knew what text was actions, rolls, roleplay, or out of character (ooc) comments. Where I used to play, OOC comments were typed in [square brackets].

With the first book I published (Time Speaker), one of the most frequent complaints was that I dropped readers into the thick of it without any extra information or exposition. This was done deliberately, because I wanted readers to be dumped in the thick of it, I wanted them to not always know what’s going on and I wanted them to be able to reread the books and see new things that they didn’t see the first time. I also wanted to create an environment for fans that felt authentic, so that TSU could be as real for other people as it is for me.

But I soon realised that there needed to be somewhat of a compromise with this intensity because a lot of folks can’t keep up, and sometimes in order to help folks understand what’s going on, we need OOC comments.

So, this area of TSU is the glossary, and as a head nod to my old forum rpg days we’ll use the concept of square brackets being Out Of Character comments so people can learn more about the broader scope of TSU.

Welcome. 🙂