The Urban Dictionary defines Conlang as:

Short for “constructed language”. A language that does not occur by natural process and is not a normal product of a national culture, but is invented either for personal/private use, fiction (Klingon, Tolkien’s Quenya), international communication (Esperanto), political reasons, or as an experiment.

I have been writing about six months longer than I’ve been conlanging, and when I reveal that I started writing when I was twelve you’ll understand why Ranqa is so detailed.

To be honest, I started conlanging without any education in language development or linguistics. I was just a twelve year old child immensely frustrated with how little sense English seemed to make. I started asking “if this doesn’t make sense, what does?”

Ranqa started as a nine-symbol pictographic thing that I used to define the inherent concepts I had in my heart that did not really match what I could find in the culture and language in which I found myself.

Now, twenty five years later, it’s massive and also forms the cultural linguistic core of TSU. It’s more than just a fun hobby or a thing I spent a couple of years on and moved on to another project. Ranqa is who I am, and the stories in TSU and those inherent to Ranqa are my personal myths and legends. TSU is my home, and Ranqa is a part of that.

Ranqa and story are interchangeable, so I’m going to share it on this glossary as a collection of stories. And then go from there. Good luck!