Ranqa is a language very different to English. Each “letter” has a consonant and a vowel attached, a vowel which is changed by the use of diacritic marks. Each consonant set has an inherent grouping of meaning, so in order to be able to learn Ranqa, one has to learn about the stories behind the letters.

Firstly, there are nine base symbols, from which a total of twenty four symbols/letters are subsets. So each letter and its blurb will be filed in the above pull-down menus under their related letters.

Secondly, some of these letters are not pronounced in the same way as English so, there’s a need for folks to learn a pronunciation guide.

Here are two systems for notation.

XSAMPA and International Phonetic Alphabet.

As I go through and edit stuff, and figure out other stuff, I’ll add in the xsampa and see if I can add the IPA for pronunciation help. But this glossary is a work in progress.