1. Kqān

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1. Kqān


Kqān is the first and greatest of the Three Worlds, it is literally everything, it is also the Divine. All creation and all sentience and all life, all time and all space, all infinity for all of existence is the concept behind Kqān, which is also why it’s the first letter of the language.

The original hieroglyph came from the image of a spiral galaxy in the sky.

As a letter in Ranqa it’s called Kqaan. As a symbol of something specific, it is Kqatenaan.

The pronunciation is tricky, the “k” sound isn’t in most forms of English, the only example I have for English speakers is how a Scottish person pronounces “loch” and it’s the “ch” part of the word, but only in that accent. Generally, for ease of tongue, we can pretend that it’s a very hard “k” sound.

FYI if you’re interested the XSAMPA is: [xa:]