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Hcēta is a subset of Kqān, it pertains to states of being.

For example in TSU, there’s a swear phrase that is: “Hai di’chena”, if you write it correctly, it’s “hcai de chēna”

hcai is the description of a state of being that’s not good, or turning very bad

de forms the verb in the sentence, to denote that something is in the process of happening (so forming the “ing” verb tense)

chēna forms the subject and means specifically this situation right now.

This is a phrase basically expressing that things are going from bad to worse, and damn frak it!

So the hcai, defines a state of being that is heading in the wrong direction.

Different vowel diacritics define not just the pronounced vowel but the state of the consonant. In the case of hc it’s talking about the state of being for the subject of the sentence or the speaker of the sentence.

Hca is a comfortable, stable “just being” state of being

Hco would be a lack of being, not just a death but a total lack of existence or consciousness. If someone’s out cold, they’re probably in a state of hco-chaan.

Hce would be a state of motion, the e vowel usually turns the word into a present tense verb, or “ing verb”. Hce in a word suggest a person in motion or varying states of being.

etc. you might want to see the vowels pages to learn more about how vowels shift the state of the consonant concepts.

As for the pronunciation, I’m still working out what it is in IPA format, because this language came out of a time where I didn’t have any formal linguistic training, I’m still learning how to translate into more easily recognised linguistic language. The hc consonant sounds to me like the kq said backwards.. or instead of “kha” with the aspirant breathy bit after the main k sound, it’s before.

For the moment, imagine it as an “h” sound with a k-ish sound at the end. I know… I really do know how unhelpful that is. In TSU, particularly in the books, the hc and the h sounds are written as the same thing. So, unless you’re a fellow conlanger and actually give a deep damn about the details of Ranqa, just pretend it’s another h sound and get on with enjoying things. 🙂