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Phēta has a base translation of water element. Specifically phē means water or water element.

e.g.: The native sentients of Planet Shadow come in three subspecies:

mēna phē  –  translates as “people of the water”, these are also called water mern, and we humans would call these creatures whales.

mēna lanān  –  translates as “people of the land” [lanān means earth/land/fertile earth], these mern are kind of like big cats or big dogs, without fur.

mēna adā  –  translates as “people of the air” [adā literally translates as “bird” or “flying”], these mern are more like the traditional view of gargoyles, they fly.

phē has different meaning inside words, but if it’s on its own, particularly at the end of a sentence, it specifically translates as water or the element/essence of water, but not flow.