10. Dēna

16 do.png

0/10. Dēna


Dēna covers the concepts of Time, infinity and the conversion of Ranqa from base-nine, without a zero, to base-ten.

If you do some research, human beings didn’t always have a concept of zero as a number, particularly they didn’t have a concept of how we count. For example, look into Roman numerals, it’s a fun way of writing static numbers down… but think about how hard it would be to do maths with those symbols?

Well, quite organically, in the creation of Ranqa, it started as a hieroglyphic language, and one with out a detailed counting or maths system, and without a ten or a zero. And then at another point, in order to be compatible with modern concepts and systems of maths, it had to create its own 10/0, and also a concept of infinity (philosophically zero and infinity are related), as well as the more complicated view of Time not being linear. So dēna encapsulates most of these ideas, and discusses them.

Like Ton, Dēna has a different default vowel sound, instead of being the same as all of the other letters in having an “a” as the default, Dēna has an “o”.

So, when reading without any diacritics (or as in the image above), this letter is pronounced as: “do”, as in like “Dock” and not “donut” or “doot”.