9. Xēn

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9. Xēn


Xēn Is the Third of the Three Certainties of Life, which is death/destruction and rebirth. The symbol comes from a plant, not unlike a bamboo, that grew with two perpendicular spikes, which were harvested and used in war before the development of metal weapons.

Xēn is not only death and destruction, but also rebirth. Out of destruction comes new life. Out of death comes the chance for that soul to be reborn and learn new things in a new life. Life must be balanced with death for growth and new life to exist. So that war is seen of as a more positive thing that it is in the English speaking world. Although, this symbolises death/destruction within the context of natural cycles. Anyone with a lust for death and war is not actually part of this concept, they are agents of Anaan Ko, who is the ever-destroying death god, which is the nearest to true evil within the Ranqa mindset.

The letter without any diacritic marks is pronounced as: za