Three Powers


4. Liida or Lēn

Liida comes from the letter Lān. Of the three powers in the universe the power of nature is the most powerful. In this context, nature includes everything from the growth of food plants to black holes, so it’s probably better personified as the divine aspect of the very nature of everything studied by the sciences.


5. Towān or Ton

Towān comes the letter Ton. The second of the three Powers, this is embodied by the concept of Tān, which is “flow”, or in other words, the energy structures of the universe, or the subtler forces of the universe which are not the physical power of the natural forces. Towān also covers the structures of time and space, and what some call “magick”. It is the flow of energy and light that permeates everything.


6. Shā’Rē or Shēn

Shā’Rē comes from the letter Shān and represents the power of sentient life. The power of sentient species to alter the universe around them, to evolve and learn and grow, but also to destroy. It too, like the first and second Powers, is formidable, though, less so.