Dramatis Personae

The Time Speaker Universe doesn’t have just one or two main characters through-out the series but many main characters that can change between different books. So, in order to help people keep up with all of the characters, I’ve created this Dramatis Personae. Main characters will have their own pages with character artwork if it’s available, and each book will have a list of other characters with a blurb. Some characters, for ease of not giving spoilers, will not be mentioned until their identity is known properly.

Spoiler alert: In order to keep spoilers to a minimum, each set of character files and lists of minor characters, will be filed under their specific books, and each set for each book will be put up only when that book is published. So in order to avoid potential spoilers, please, only read the book that you’re to for reading, or if you haven’t read any yet, stick only to the files under the first book.