Asha Kaan


Asha Kaan
Birthday: 1 Mila 2979
Born in Araam, Arana (Parents were Rhena and Seda Kaan)

Gender/Sex: F/S

Agency file details: ID: A0.C.ETPt.AM.0256
Conscription: 2989 (age ten)
Status: Traitor Defection: 8 Meha 3000

A0 Rank 6 Elite Operative, First Class
Code In: A0.C.0256, Access: 80375

“At the time of defection, Asha was a member of the Alphas, Team 1, second under Jerna Ahlan (A0.5.TP.AM.0172). Husband Tesh Aenan (A0.4.0.AM.0190), also an Alpha, was a victim of the Aenan serial killer on the day of her defection. She took her offspring, Tempa Kaan (A1.5.ETPt.AM.0398) age 1 month, with her. Both are still at large.”

Hawk’s file:
Asha is a Quad Psi, approximate ratings: Kinetic 4, Telepath 3 (with a 4 range), Empath 2 and Time Psi 1, Clairsentient/Instinct (Dodge Talent 7).