Nama Ree

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Nama Ree
Birthday 01 Krena 2970
Born in Araam, Arana (Parents, Jean Ree senior and Tiian Armon)

Gender/sex: M/K

Agency file details: ID: A2.C.04012970-07
Conscription: 2982 (from school, aged 12)
Status: Traitor Defection: 2990

A2, Rank 15, Task Force Operative, Second Class

“Nama ‘Brea’ was an excellent marksman and made his way from A4 Guard at Gora Prison to an A2 TFO on his own merits. One of his supervisors thought he might have a Leadership Talent, but he was too defiant to authority to explore leadership potential, before he defected.”

Hawk’s File:
Level 3 telepath with a 4 range. Needs to be kept onside for the Araam cells to stay on-side also. Due to his grandfather being Jerna Ree, Nama is considered by most of the Araam Rebel cells and particularly the two eldest cells, to be the rightful leader of the Rebels, that as long as Nama chooses to follow Hawk, they will also, but if that were to change, so would their allegiance to Hawk. Possible functional alcoholic.

[Armon Twin Gene, type 2, which means a 50% chance of any offspring being twins]
[Armon Magnify Gene, type 1, which means, when linked with another type 1 can magnify the strength of their shared Psi abilities, in his his case, another telepath.]