RoH List

Amana Enan—Original Rebel. Older sister of Tolan Enan, and high rated Telepath.
Ana—Agency Engineer, friends with Hiran.
Araian Cowdy—youngest child and only daughter of Jaran Cowdy senior, mother of Boe EeYan, best friend of Asha’s. High rated Kinetic.
Ayren—Third in charge of the Rona-Abaan. Younger brother of Jodina.
Bana Malar—A0 Agent, husband of Liina Meel, father of Gusa Meel.
Bez Ezita—Original Rebel. Husband of Ella, father of Jena.
Boe EeYan—Araian’s young son.
Braan Maren—Original Rebel, mid-to-high rated Time Psi.
Cassandra Cowdy—daughter of Gwen, niece of Araian Cowdy.
Cheetah—Agency assassin. Enemy of the Rebels.
Dela Malar—Bana and Hoyal’s sister, Gusa’s aunt, Wolf’s mother. High rated A0 Agent.
Ella Mehn—Original Rebel. Cousin of Kala Mehn, wife of Bez Ezita and mother of Jena Nada and a third offspring.
Father Andrew—Head Priest of the Arām Cathedral of the Founder. Friend of Nama’s and the Rebels.
Fritz—Ayala Spades. Gangster, slaver.
Goid Malan—Mena’s youngest brother, second in charge of the Rona-Abaan.
Gusa Meel—Bana Malar and Liina Meel’s young daughter.
Gwen—Gwenith Rena, daughter of Triian Rena, married to one of Jaran Cowdy’s sons and mother of Cassandra Cowdy.
Hetera Beu—Rebel, mother of Timaan Beu, friends with Nama Ree and Taelin Kaan.
Heth Pallen—A0 Council member, Head of the Task Force Operatives searching for Hawk.
Hilla Norman—wife of Krena Ree, Leader of the Rebels by proxy.
Hiran—Computer Talent, friends with Ana.
Hoyal Malar—Bana’s older brother, vice-Head of the A0 Council, good friend of Jaran Cowdy senior. Psycho.
Jaichi—Friend of Xak’s. Mid-to-high rated Kinetic.
Jaran Cowdy senior—The head of the ruling body of the Agency, the A0 Council. Asshole.
Jena Mehn—Original Rebel. Daughter of Ella Mehn and Bez Ezita.
Jodina—Ayren’s older sister. RA member.
Kala Mehn—Original Rebel. Nama’s wife, cousin to Ella. High rated empath.
Karen Frene—Triian Rena’s daughter, doctor and friend of Hawk.
Kita Oran—Rebel, an ex-telepath Interogator for the Agency.
Krena Ree—Original Rebel. Leader of the Psi Rebels in the year 3000. Wife of Hilla Norman and Nama’s older sister.
Liina Meel—A0 Agent, wife of Bana, mother of Gusa.
Lilaan—ex-Rona-Abaan, on the run from the RA, the Ronan Guard and the Agency. One person army. Explosives expert.
Marcus—Tolaan man captured by Fritz.
Mena Malan—Leader of the Rona-Abaan. Egomaniacal sociopath.
Leelah—five year old Aranan girl, kidnapped by the RA.
Nick—Friend of Xak’s. Mid-to-high rated Kinetic.
Old Ana—Crazy old Ronan lady, homeless. Time Psi Prophet.
Old Ren—aka Renada Yen. Original Rebel. High rated healer and the oldest Rebel. Eldest child of Isa Zuru, uncle to Nalana Yen.
Raen—Rebel, low rated Telepath, cleans out chimneys, because he likes hot food that much.
Rahan Aria—unwilling Agency guard, high-rated Computer Talent and cousin of Toma Aria.
Raan and Ridaan Ree—Original Rebels. Twin sons of Krena Ree.
Rega—psycho bully kid in the same desert training base as Xak and seems to have an obsession with killing/beating up Xak.
Risa—leader of a small Rebel cell of Illegal Psis who raid places for Rebel supplies. Originally from the desert regions of Arana.
Tempa Kaan—Asha Kaan’s child.
Timaan Beu—Hetera’s child.
Tiras Malar—A0 Operative Agent, cousin to Kita Oran and Bana Malar. Triian Rena is his great aunt.
Tolan Enan—Original Rebel and high rated kinetic. Younger brother of Amana Enan.
Toma Aria—cousin of Rahan Aria. High rated Personal Assistant in the Agency.
Triian Rena—A0 Councilor in the Agency, one of the good ones.
Levi—friend of Xak’s. Electromagnetic Talent.
Liz—friend of Xak’s. High rated Kinetic.
Wolf Malar—Son of Dela Malar, the boy from Xak’s vision. High rated Telepath, Empath and Time Psi.
Xakarii Kane—aka Xak. 15 year old boy trapped in a desert training base. High rated Time Psi, sees visions of Hawk.


Jerna Ree—the first leader of the Aranan Psi Rebels, grandfather of Krena and Nama Ree.

Isa Zuru—Nalana’s grandmother, Ren’s mother. First generation Psi Rebel. Time Psi Prophet.