Curse words

Hai da! Or Hai di’chena
This has the same meaning as “the shit has hit the fan.” In a general sense “hai da” is a replacement for “shit!” when something is going wrong.

Nūthen or Nuth
This is essentially a replacement for “hell” or “hades” or any other place that’s particularly unpleasant for the dead.

A’kenān, a’kēna, a’ken
This is essentially a replacement for “bastard”, “bitch”, and where “shit” is used as a noun (e.g. “you little shit”).

This replaces “shit-faced” and can only be used in the context of “shit-faced drunk” or “out of your mind” on drugs.

Literal meaning is “this moves me”, but it’s used like “holy” in “holy cow”, or where you’d use “wow”.

Is a replacement for “bullshit”, but only in the context of describing something as a lie or rubbish. No other context.

Is the shortened name of a vegetable that’s somewhat like a cucumber, so it’s a replacement for insults such as: dick, knobhead, dickhead, prick, etc., although the story is a little different. The perata cucumber grows in weird places, it’s a climbing vine and the cucumbers grow on the highest points of the plant, so, when they ripen and drop, they smash on the ground, making them a very frustrating food crop because of how “stupid” the plant’s logic seems to be. So the actual cultural meaning within the Ar’Manaan species of “preta” isn’t actually genetalia, but stupidity. It’s another word for “dumbass” and “idiot”, even though I use it as a replacement for our swearwords with reference to penis’.

Is essentially a replacement for “fuck”, except that it can only be used as an expression of anger or surprise, not as an insult for someone.

Abe Kashān
This is a replacement for “oh my god”. The “abe” part is pronounced as two syllables. It essentially means “by the Founder!”

Is the older version of “oh my god”. Tokāto is the ancient word for the Divine. This is used exclusively by those few followers of the Old Temple of the Founder.