Gender and Sex

The Time Speaker Universe was created primarily for those of us who do not fit nicely into society. TSU was first my refuge from bullying and abuse as a kid, and then at about age fifteen, I deliberately started building it for others like me who have no refuge in this bigoted world.

A big part of this deliberate building was having a universe where gender and sex aren’t as “simple” as our mainstream society erroneously believes.

The Ar’Manaan species has three sexes (as in three base configurations of sexual organs), and three base genders. In their world, gender is purely an identity thing, and sex is purely a body thing. There is no gender violence (so no misogyny), and there is no transphobia. In fact, words like transgender and cisgender don’t exist in the Ar’Manaan species, because there is no social enforcement of gender being the same as sex, so there is no need to define who “fits” the gender norms and who does not. Everyone is who they are, separate to their genitals.

Now, in order to ram this home a little more for folks, I’ve not only defined personal pronouns for the third gender (androgyne), but I’ve created separate terms for the three sexes, so that unless you go looking for the entry in this glossary, the genitals of particular characters are not immediately apparent to someone unfamiliar with these terms.

So, under this heading in the pull down menu, I have created two specific entries, one on gender (and the personal pronouns), and one on sex.

Also, while there are three genders and three sexes within TSU (therefore 9 possible combinations of gender and genitals), that doesn’t mean it’s rigid. These are the base genders and sex, as in, the starting point. If you do not fit into these definitions, more are welcome, I’ve done it this way because the intention is to make a framework, not a rule book. And that framework is to be as inclusive to all of those who are “othered” by our mainstream societies, as possible.