Time Psi

Here comes the fun bit, Time Psi are rated in a completely different way. Primarily, Time Psi are rated under Control, Accuracy, and Context. But they’re also rated by what type of Time Psi senses they have (clairsentient/instinct, clairaudient/hearing, clairvoyant/visions, dreams and “Time Psi Prophet”), and whether they’re a black static, white static or gray static.

White Static, Gray Static and Black Static
There two sorts of Time Psi events. In Doctor Who terms, these are Fixed Points, and unfixed points. Fixed points, or White Static events, are things that happen and have to happen, and will happen regardless of what you try to do to stop it (generally). These are things that must happen, and must happen at the same place and time, involving the same people.  The unfixed points in time, or Flux events, or Black Static events, are those things that can happen in many different ways. A Gray Static event tends to have elements that are in flux, and other elements that must happen.

So, people who primarily have White Static energy around them, are usually people who by their very nature, help to bring about the things that must happen. Most of the time, even the high rated White Statics aren’t entirely conscious of the whole situation, they’re usually only aware that something has to happen and of the things they need to do to help it happen. For example, Taelin is a White Static, so his sister Asha, they both wander through life just doing the things that need doing, by their very nature it gets done. They can either choose to follow an instinct, or choose not to, but most White Statics by their very nature either just do things that are needed, or will always choose to do what’s needed. They tend to go with the flow, rather than fight it.

Black statics change things. For example, Hawk, his mission is to change something really big, and even though him changing it is going to help save ridiculous amounts of lives, that saving isn’t a Fixed Point in time, only a potential future that he’s working towards bringing into being. He chooses to fight against the flows of the universe. Black statics are also the realm of the Time Guardians, because they specifically are trying to change things for the better.

White Static events are made Fixed by some over-watching deity, there’s no sentience or intentions for why certain events are Fixed, it’s just that enough things happen, through choices of sentient creatures, and through the nature of physics, that things will just always happen. Like, shoddy workmanship on a gas line, plus time, low funding for proper maintenance, and over more time a gas explosion is absolutely a certainty. So, the White Static events are the certain consequences of life and physics and sentient beings doing stupid things, the Black Static events, are the conscious redirection of some things that are modifiable.

And Time Psi usually fit into one or the other boxes. A Gray Static Time Psi is relatively rare, mostly because people’s natures tend to be defiant of the status quo, or compliant, not so many people can be both, certainly not in the context of Fixed or Flux events in time.

This the Agency term for whether a person senses events that directly relate to them, or are more general. Most Time Psi see only what’s coming for them, personally. Some see what’s coming for those that they care about (because the hurt or death of someone you love affects you, so it’s an extension of the first example). Rarest still are those that see/sense the future for lots of other people, completely unrelated to that Time Psi. In the Servants of the Oracle, those that see everything, are called Oracle Class Time Speakers, those that see only their own path and those that affect their path, are just clairvoyants or whatever. In the Agency, an “Oracle Class” Time Psi is so rare, that they’re just called “Type 2” Time Psi, or a Malar Time Psi after the very first Oracle Class Time Psi in the Agency. They usually only exist once in a generation.

Control is similar to the other Psi ratings, it requires the ability to replicate a Time Psi event, but because of the nature of Time Psi, the frequency of success is only under certain circumstances (flip cards, Dodging and viewing the past).

Accuracy, is more to do with the chances of something happening, and whether a Time Psi senses events that consistently have a high chance of happening or a low chance. Those Time Psi who sense just random possibilities, with low percentages, are automatically rated lowly and not trained any further.

Both Control and Accuracy are used to generate a 1-5 rating of skill, in each of the five kinds of Time Psi event. And each kind of Event is rated separately, so that, a level five Time Psi, is accurate and controlled in one kind of Event. A person with a five in all five event types, is a 25 Time Psi

Time Psi Events
These the methods with which a Time Psi will get their information. The five types are: clairsentient, clairaudient, clairvoyant, dreams and trance.

Clairsentient, or Instinct, is the most prolific kind of Time Psi. This is mostly because most of the low rated Time Psi are White Statics, who tend to just follow their instincts and the flow of events. Dodge Talent is technical a version of Clairsentient Time Psi ability. It’s following your instincts, “following your gut”, with little interest in why or thinking about it. A clairsentient test in the Agency, is generally the mastery of the Dodge Talent tests. If someone passes up to level ten, they are a 5/5 Clairsentient Time Psi.

Clairvoyant, or Visions, is the most well-known form of Time Psi. These people see visions of events in the future, usually if someone is clairvoyant they’re also clairaudient (able to hear the future), so they usually see and hear visions of the future.

Clairaudient, as stated above is the ability to hear something of the future. Usually it’s future conversations, or the sounds connected to a big event. For example Clairaudient will hear the rumble of an explosion or an earthquake, broken glass hitting concrete, the bell of a church, the sounds of traffic, conversations. Usually, being only clairaudient is quite rare, and considerably more difficult to interpret. Those few on Agency records who are only clairaudient were White Statics, who heard the sounds of Fixed events in time, so that the data they heard was only realised after the fact.

Dreams are the next most common kind of Time Psi. This is simply where people have dreams of the future, or the past. Dreamers usually see and hear and sense things in their dreams, so they’re often immediate rated in the three groups, instead of just under Dream. Some very high rated Dream Time Psi actually have waking Dreams, where they lose sight of the physical world and dream, not unlike visions.

“Time Psi Prophet” or Trance, is a very rare kind of Time Psi. These people drop into a trance and speak of future events. They are always talking about certain things, they’re never wrong. Some respond to questions, others just speak until they finish what they need saying. These kinds of Time Psi have, over the centuries, been the source of stories about oracles. There’s also a story that they aren’t conscious as themselves, but are instead channelling the consciousness of a Time Guardian… though, obviously the Agency wouldn’t believe such things, believing that the Guardians are myths and legends, not real beings.

Generally speaking, the Agency doesn’t entirely understand the nature of Time Psi. They’ve collected what information and observations they can, and made assumptions from that data, but essentially they don’t actually know very much. Many of their high rating Time Psi (usually those above a ten), have so frequently had massive, crippling visions and then committed suicide, that they genuinely believe being Time Psi means risking your sanity. And while losing a sense of linear time can destabilise those who are entirely untrained, being Time Psi isn’t inherently a cause of mental illness. The visions seen are the actual cause of the suicidal tendencies not the ability to see said visions.